So what is a Strapal Anyway?

Well, I’ll tell you

For years I have been torn. Torn between the absolute comfort and overall grooviness of my Flip Flops and the constant irritation of watching them fly off my feet when running…or hunting in the mud for them when they are ripped from my feet when I’m in the lake…or watching helplessly as they float down a river.

No more.

In 2011 that epiphany struck me. I grabbed a roll of velcro and created the first Strapal. I wore them constantly. ┬áNot only were they comfortable…I never…EVER…lost my beloved Flip Flops again.

So the refinement began. I began using velcro lined neoprene. Experiments were made. Patents were filed (Strapals are patent pending), and a manufacturer was located.

Now you too can experience the crazy gleefulness I experience when I wear these wonders of nature.

Orders are now being accepted and dealers are of course welcome. ┬áSend inquiries to and let’s get this ball rolling.

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